About Us

It didn't take long to realize the struggles of the bearded man, after accepting a beard growing challenge from a couple friends. My newly grown masculine facial hair was accompanied by dry, itchy skin and dry, coarse hair. The "beardruff" was embarrassing, but the itch was unbearable. My wife didn't appreciate the sandpaper feel and issued an ultimatum... do something about the sandpaper facial hair or shave it.

I bought some beard oil online that promised to solve all my problems. However, it did not. The smell was unbearable and after some research, I realized the oils they used were not the best oils for my skin. A friend that was not pleased with the beard oil he had bought suggested that I attempt to make my own beard oil, since my wife and I use essential oils and know their benefits... he even agreed to be a test dummy.

After some trial, error and tests, we created a base formula made from natural oils that resulted in thicker, fuller and healthier beards with stronger, softer hair and rehydrated, itch free skin. Next, we nailed down our scent recipes, and it wasn't long until every bearded man (sometime their spouses volunteered them) we knew wanted to be a "test dummy".

Next, we decided to expand our product line to include bar soap. Our soaps are made the old-fashion cold process way. All of our soaps are made with a goat milk base or with a beer base unless noted. We only use all-natural colors and essential oils for fragrances.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, all-natural, handcrafted grooming products. We use 100% natural base oils and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.